Wednesday, December 19, 2012

NaturallyNita's Take on MsVaughnTV's Fall Protective Style

Recently MsVaughnTV uploaded a simple fall protective style to her Youtube channel.  I saw this at just the right time because it was wash day and I needed to go out to an event and wanted to look presentable and didn't have time to shampoo, condition, and style my hair.  This style was created from the 3 in 1 Convertible Hairstyle that I just posted.  I didn't take pictures during each step but let me share what I did do.

1. Lightly misted my hair with water.  Remember that the back had EcoStyler gel in it.  Though it had softened up over the week, I wanted to make sure it was moisturized enough to manipulate.

2.  I applied the KeraCare Butter instead of Entwine's Products for added moisture.

3.  I used Taji's Aloe jelly on my flat twists & the twists in the bang area.

4.  To make my "roll" in the back a little fuller, I added a little bit of marley braiding hair in the middle for stuffing and bobby pinned my hair over it.

Check out my results below!

I really liked how this modification to the traditional roll, tuck, and pin turned out!  I still need to practice more on my flat twists but overall I like this style!  It's one that I will definitely try again.

Have you mastered the roll, tuck, & pin hairstyle?  What modifications have you made to make it work for you?

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