Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Natural Hair Protective Style: My Take on The TrendySocialite's Her Royal Flyness

After my success doing my first Marly hair protective style, I decided to try my hand at another. This one was inspired by Youtube's TrendySocialite's "Her Royal Flyness" protective style.

For this style you will need a rat tailed comb, a holding gel, 1 pack of Marley braiding hair, 2 small Ouchless ponytail holders, and hair pins.  This style was done on freshly shampooed, conditioned & detangled hair.  My leave in conditioner had already been applied and I had sealed with an oil.

Here is my pictorial tutorial:

 Step 1:  Part your hair from ear to ear.  Add holding gel to smooth your hair into 2 buns and then secure with Ouchless ponytail holders.

Step 2:  Take 1 pack of Marley hair split the hair in half.  Slide a rubber band to the middle of the length such that you have 2 equal halves on each side of the rubber band for each 1/2 bundle. Wrap1 bundle around the rubber band around your bottom bun. Wrap the other bundle around your top bun.  Group the "hair" strands together on each half and create 1 extra large two strand twist with the Marley hair.  Secure the end with a rubber band to keep from unraveling.

Step 3:  Wrap your Marley hair twist attached to your bottom bun up and around your top bun in a figure 8 fashion, pinning down in the top and sides with hair pins.

Step 4:  Wrap your Marley hair twist attached to the top bun downwards in a figure 8 fashion on the opposite side pinning under the bottom bun with hair pins.  Use extra hair pins to pin where needed until you feel the style is secure.

Maintenance:  Sleep in  satin bonnet at night.  For flyaways, mist with water and apply more holding gel smoothing with your hand or a soft bristled brush.

See the video inspiration below:

Have you ever done a protective style using Marley hair?  Did you create your own or get inspiration from somewhere else?  I'm always looking for new styles so please share in the comment section below!


  1. This is soooo cute! I love it! Very elegant!


  2. i have some marley hair im soo trying this hair do....


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