Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I'm Featured on CurlyNikki Today!!

I was featured under her "Stroll Down Memory Lane"  feature!

Click this link below the picture to be taken to the post!

Nita's Stroll Down Memory Lane

One of the individuals who commented on the post on the Curly Nikki site stated that they would like to see a picture of my nape area since going natural.    You may recall from my transition post that the realization that the relaxers was taking my hair out was one of the reasons that helped me to make the decision to go natural.  Here is the comparison shot. 

June 2010 - Before transition

April 2012 - 18 months post last relaxer

See why I don't regret the decision to go natural?


  1. Beautiful!! Congratulations on seeing such amazing progress!!! No one would ever believe that your nape was all but gone a couple years ago!! Great story (I read it on CurlyNikki, but I've been reading your comments often! Great spirit:)!


  2. Congratulations on achieving a healthy head of hair. Would you care to share what you did to promote the growth at your nape?

  3. @Shelli Yes, I'm so pleased with my progress & thanks for your support!

    @MVM Honestly, the ceasing of the relaxers was all I did. The chemical in my opinion was just too strong for those strands.


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