Monday, April 2, 2012

An Interview w/ Anita of Good Hair-Great Hair

Everyone who knows me, knows that I love to support small business owners & female entrepreneurs.  If you want to get something done, ask a woman!!  When I learned that yet another natural hair supply store was opening in Raleigh, I had to go check it out.  (SN: There are a couple other in the Triangle area that I plan to reach out to as well.)

I found the store and the owner Anita Bullock to be very warm and welcoming.  She gave me a tour and introduced every product line that is featured in the store and what the line's niche was.  After my tour, we had an opportunity to sit down and she shared about her passion:  Good Hair Great Hair.

NN:  Share with the readers your story.  How did Good Hair Great Hair come to be?

AB:  A few years ago I received my MSA from Central Michigan University.  My title of my thesis was "Har Care Barriers to Exercise in African American Women".  During my research I found that our health was declining due to the hair styles we chose to wear.  I, myself had been a weave wearer for over 17 years.  I started asking the questions, "What do we use on our hair and what products are being marketed to us?"  When I made the decision to go natural, I found that I didn't know what to do and how to take care of my hair. I went to a number of places trying to find the right products for my hair.  I wanted to 1 centralized place to get products for my hair.  This is when the idea of Good Hair Great Hair was birthed.

NN:  What is the vision behind Good Hair Great Hair?  How is it different from other beauty supply stores?

AB:   Our mission is “To offer premium hair care products made with nature’s best ingredients and provide guidance in the selection process for all textures."  My goal is to select products that have between 80% - 90% natural or organic based products in their ingredient list.  Just as we should care about what things that we put into our bodies, we should show the same amount of concern for what we put onto our bodies and hair.  Think of it as "going green" for your hair!   I also prefer to work with smaller & newly up and coming product lines as they tend to stay truer to the integrity of their product.  These companies often encourage customer feedback which as a distributor I can provide.

NN:  What product lines do you currently carry?

AB:  We currently have in house:  Jane Carter Solutions, Camille Rose, Zenzele, Mahogany Rose,  Karen's Body Beautiful, Sister's of Isis  (this line is great for treating scalp issues such as dry, itchy scalp,  eczema, bald spots), Tea & Honey (based right here in Raleigh, is good for natural & chemically treated hair), Afroveda, & John Master's Organics.  We even carry body products such as organic soaps & deodorants and products for men: shaving creams & tonics that are good for the 

We also offer for sale, a few select pieces of art featured below, unique pieces of jewelry, natural hair themed t-shirts, and scarves.

NN:  Is there anything else that you would like to share with my readers?

AB:  We are open for business!  Come on by!  We will also be having our soft opening with the Chamber of Commerce on April 5th from noon to 1 pm & would love to see you there.  

Very soon will be offering on site consultations where women can come in with their "naked" hair, free of products.  Then we will look at your hair and test strands with a variety of the products that we have in the store.  The goal is to assist women who are frustrated with looking for a line of products that "work" and to send them out of the door with just that - products that work for their hair type!!

We also look forward to having the owners of the product lines we carry come in to talk to customers about how their products are designed to be used and to personally answer your questions!

We are very excited about the buzz regarding Good Hair Great Hair and look forward to being a key part of the natural hair community in the Raleigh area!

Please check out Good Hair Great Hair at 6320 Capital Blvd (behind Burger King & Jiffy Lube near Triangle Town Center) Ste. 118, Raleigh, NC.  Phone:  919-904-4442.  Online at:; Good Hair-Great Hair on Facebook, and @GoodHairGr8Hair on Twitter.

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