Monday, April 9, 2012

Why I Won't Flat Iron My Natural Hair


**Disclamer:  This is "my" personal opinion about heat styling for "my" head of natural hair.  I am not telling anyone to not do it or to do it.  I'm stating what my personal preference is for me. Nor am I saying that the results of heat styling will be the same for everyone.  My personal philosophy has always been, you have to do what makes you comfortable.  I judge no one for what they choose to do with their hair.**

During a conversation with some friends this weekend, someone asked me if I ever planned to straighten my hair.  It was even mentioned that people barely remember what I looked like when my hair was relaxed.  I showed this picture.

December 2009

I mentioned that my hair never got longer than this when it was relaxed and I was never happy with my relaxed hair.  I really wanted long hair and it wouldn't grow. As I shared during my transition post, my hair was extremely thin in the back.  Relaxers were taking my hair out.  Therefore, I don't have very positive memories of having straight hair.  As far as seeing my length goes, all I have to do is see a picture from when I had a TWA and I can see how much my hair has grown.  Just not that big of a deal to me to have to straighten it to see my exact length.  Plus, there are so many other ways to stretch natural hair to showcase its length.  A few examples of this are bantu knot outs, flexirods sets, banding the hair before styling, and even stretched twist outs like the one showcased at the very top.
January 2011
 Then, I am terrified of heat damage.  I just watched a video of one of my favorite Youtube vloggers, Glamazini, share her hair status after having it flat ironed once and wearing it straight for a month.  Now, she planned to cut her hair anyway, so the lack of reversion in some areas is not really a huge concern of hers.  But for me after transitioning and accomplishing the length I currently have to have to resort to cutting it because of heat damage, oh no ma'am!

Lastly, I LOVE (did I say love, love) my naturally curly hair!  I love it's versatility and I love how healthy it finally is.  I love the fact that it just compliments all of my other unique qualities.  After all these years, my hair is finally growing.  I was already standing out (and above, at my 6'1 height) when I walk into a room and now with this hair I really do.  I've embraced my curly hair and it's just fine by me.

But for all of you who want to get a glimpse of what my hair looks like now, sorta straight....I did a tension blow out on my hair.   My hair is not bone straight and it only stayed this way 2 days before I misted it with water and did a twist out on it.


  1. I love the blow out! It's kind of a 80's asymmetrical throwback. Work it!

  2. *yawns*


    1. Thanks for your comment. I realize every article may not be interesting or appealing to everyone. This blog is really for me to journal my experience & if people choose to join me for the ride that's great. If you're not interested in the content, I won't be offended by you also choosing NOT to follow along.


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