Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Exercise Regimen - April 8 - 14

So I just wanted to report out on my personal fitness training since my Billy Blanks' "visitation" two weeks ago.  (LOL!)  If you missed that post, read it here.  Last week, I completed 3 cardio and toning exercises. 

Monday:  This work out combines plyometric "power burst" exercises (def: explosive exercises incorporating jumping, hopping, running), sculpting with weights, and cardio exercises.  It's a very high energy work out that left me dripping sweat even though I was working out under my ceiling fan on high speed.

Tuesday:  Billy and I hit it hard in this workout.  This is a great workout that also incorporates cardio and weights.  A very effective full body workout.

Friday:  Back again with Billy, I did a full hour of cardio exercises.  I've done 10 minute abs before but a full hour!  Wow.   He uses standing abdominal exercises as well as floor routines to really tone your midsection. Trust me you WILL feel this in 1 day.  And it has become a great motivation to reduce my sweets.  I can't really enjoy that cupcake knowing that I'm going to have to burn that off later on the floor when Billy is saying directly to me "Don't you give up on me!" & my abs are burning.  Just not worth it.  I'd rather have an apple.  LOL! 

After working out last week, I felt great!  Full of energy and motivation.  I was more alert and more productive during my day and slept well every night.  My goal is to work out to 5 days of exercising a week.  I've got one in so far this week.  Gotta keep it up!  I still plan to do a measurement post where I give you my measurements on the areas I'm trying to tone.  Note to self: buy that tape measure today!  #teamgetright!

Let's encourage each other!  What have you done to keep your body healthy this week?  Comment below!

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  1. I'm doing my run/walk regimen this week and plan to do a challenging hike on Saturday morning. :)


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