Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A Wig Review: Protective Styling Option

 Don't be alarmed!  I did not straighten my hair.  LOL!  In fact you would be surprised to know what is going on under that wig.  "My" hair has deep conditioner in it and I'm going to let it stay in overnight.  I also had a December graduation reception to attend.  Sooo, I donned this wig and no one was the wiser.

Why wear a wig you ask?  Well, now that my hair is longer, it takes long for me to complete my cleansing and conditioning regimen and style.  I've been caught more than once needing to get somewhere quick and my hair wasn't finished. So for those days, I purchased this wig.  It's also great for those times when I've just finished setting twists and I want to leave them in for a day before unraveling.

I purchased this at my local beauty supply store.  It is a 100% human hair wig by Masterpiece in #1B.  Her name is Miss Kiki.  I paid $32.99 for her.  This wig also allows me to wear the straight look without applying heat to my strands.  I love it.  There is minimal shedding and no tangling.  It fits comfortably on my average side head.  There are no combs on this wig but it does have an adjustable band.  I still have a couple more wigs to order so I can have some fun playing with my look.

So tell me, what do you think?

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