Monday, January 7, 2013

Recognizable Natural: Elle Varner

One of my new favorite young artists is Elle Varner.  Her song "Refill" became a hit right around the same time that I was enjoying some great long conversations with a new friend.  Because in my opinion, you really get to learn a lot about a person from deep conversations & I love them, I guess you would call me a "conversational lush".  One of the things that I appreciate about Elle's music is that it is lyrically sound.  To me to have a song that is lyrically sound is that it tells a story and takes the listener along for a the ride.

Some of my favorites from this CD are: Refill, I Don't Care, & Oh What a Night.  Recently, in O Magazine's November issue,  FLOTUS Michelle Obama stated the song that makes her turn up her radio or iPod is "So Fly."   I believe that this artist will have a long future among true music loves.

In addition, Elle Varner has gorgeous natural hair.  I mean the epitome of big hair don't care!  Love it!   Check out these gorgeous curls and coils below!

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