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Natural Hair Journey Year 2: My Cleansing & Conditioning Regimen & Staple Products

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 One of the most important things you can do for your hair, whether relaxed or natural, is to create a regimen our routine which you follow to care for your hair.  Here is the regimen that I now follow for cleansing and styling my hair.  I do this every 7 - 10 days unless I have my hair in some type of cornrowed style or a style with hair added (ie. extensions).

1.  Prepoo & detangle
I have found that this step drastically reduces my detangling later on and preps my hair for cleansing.  I use water, castor oil & Tresemme Naturals Nourishing Moisture conditioner in my detangling cocktail.  I don't sit under heat as some do.  To see this in action check out this video. 

2.  Shampoo (with a no sulfate shampoo)
After detangling, I leave my loose hair in 4 sections and shampoo each section focusing on the scalp and smoothing the cleanser through the hair.  I rinse each section, clamp out of the way and continue until the whole head is complete.

3.  Deep Condition
I apply the deep conditioner in sections, gently detangle and then break each section into 2 and create 2 jumbo twists.  After I finish, I don a plastic cap and apply my Hair Therapy Wrap for 30 minutes.  I love this thing because it's cordless which means I can clean up or otherwise move around while my hair is being deep conditioned.  I rinse my hair with cool water with my hair in the twists after my deep conditioning. 

4.  Apply leave in, sealant, and styling products
After deep conditioning, I apply my leave in product, oil to seal in the moisture, & then my styling product to each twist.  Because my hair is already in twists, it's still detangled and I can break those twists even smaller after these products are applied to style my hair in my go to style...the twist out.

5.  Moisturize As Needed
In the winter, I moisturize using the LOC method.  I lightly spritz with water, add my moistuizer, and then seal with my oil of choice before retwisting at night.  In the summer, I lightly spritz with my moisturizing mist, add my moisturizer and then seal with my oil of choice. 

6.  Trim Ends every 6 Months
I don't "dust" my hair, which is snipping the ends while in twists.  I really don't want to play with scissors in my hair.  If I have a single strand knot and I find it, I'll snip it with hair shears.  Otherwise, I leave my trims to the professionals.

This routine helps keep my hair moisturized, minimizes split ends,breakage, and helps me to keep my hair healthy!  Check out my next post which features the products that I use to keep my hair healthy and looking great!

What is YOUR healthy hair routine? 

NaturallyNita is a women's lifestyle blog.  After chronicling her natural hair journey 2.5 years ago, Nita realized that there were many other life journey's where she could share her lesson's learned with others.  This blog focuses not only on natural hair but also health/fitness, business, finances, spiritual & personal growth.

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