Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My First Bantu Knot Out

So I've been doing twist outs on my hair for a while now because I love the progression of how voluminous they get over the week.  Love, love them.  Well I received some new product that I wanted to try out and decided to try this style.   I loved my initial results but because the day that I did the bantu knot out happened to be a rainy day, the style did not hold but for 2 days before it got frizzy.   On day 3 I pulled it into a curly fro hawk and day 4 & 5 I wore it in a bun.

The bantu knots

After unraveling the knots - no separating

Separated and fluffed a little

Final look - back

Final look - right side

Final look - left side

My inspiration -  I used the following products:  Koils by Nature Nourishing Hair & Body Butter (instead of the Entwine Butter Creme Hydrator),  Entwine Creme Jelle Styler, topped with Koils by Nature Herbal Gel.


I got pretty close don't you think?  

So what do you guys think?  Should I try this style again?


  1. Absolutely!! You betta werk! Your hair grown so much Nita.

  2. Thanks so much for all your support! It really has grown a lot. You should see it when I shampoo it....a head full.


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