Thursday, October 27, 2011

Recognizable Natural - Tracee Ellis-Ross

I was first introduced to Tracee Ellis Ross as "Joan" on Girlfriends.  I loved that show and really hated when the show ended.  Though Toni was my favorite character (I guess I liked how direct she was.), I really rooted for Joan in all of her relationships.  I think she, like many women, struggled with identifying the type of relationships she truly desired and finding true happiness.  In comparison, on Reed Between the Lines, she's happily married with children.  There seems to be a natural evolution from the former character to the current one.  I'm glad that she is back on mainstream TV, and look forward to seeing how her character develops on the show.

Tracee Ellis Ross is one of the most popular hair crushes for natural ladies.  We love how she wears her natural hair proudly and with confidence. I love the versatility in the styles that she chooses to wear. Check out some of the photos of Ms. Ross below.

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