Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Natural Hair And the Return to Hair Grease

Recently, in the Natural Hair community there was been this re-awakening to previously taboo hair products.
When I first went natural there were two items that kept being repeated that I should NOT use (in addition to others):  mineral oil and petroleum.  These products caused buildup on the hair and prevented moisture from getting into the hair, I was told.

Wellllllll, recently, a vlogger that I follow on Youtube, jcokes7 aka Coilyheadchick did a hair grease challenge using primarily Royal Crown hairdressing for 30 days on her twist outs.  Her hair has been beautiful and she reported that it was also very soft & retained moisture.  Even our beloved Curly Nikki, stated in a recent post that 3 weeks ago she has introduced Dax into her routine for dry twistouts. 

What is going on???  Have we been duped??

Well, let's think about it.  Before you were relaxed, what did your mother use on your hair.  If you think back, what was the condition of your hair then?  Pretty healthy hunh?  This sorta goes back to my Expensive vs. Nonexpensive products post during my 1 year recap.  While there are great salon quality products on the market for natural hair, many of them average $20.  In many cases you can get similar results for less money.

Now, I firmly believe in a individual doing what is best for their hair.  So if you have developed an all organic, natural, regimen and it works for your hair then do that.  Because my hair is in a protective style, I haven't tried the hair grease yet, but for about $3 a jar, I plan give the Royal Crown a try once my twists come down.

Chime in!  What products have been working on your hair?  Have you used products with mineral oil or petroleum with success?  Please share your experiences while I prepare to try it on my own hair!

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