Friday, February 25, 2011

Vespers - The Alvin Ailey Dance Theatre Experience

Photo credit Andrew Eccles

Tonight began the "Nita Date".  It is where I take me out for a night out.  Sometimes in giving all to others and things like family, work, friends, church, and significant others, the "me" can get burned out.  So at least twice a month, I'm making a date with myself, just me, to do something that Nita really wants to do.  This will be a time that I can be a little selfish, not have to consider other's preferences and desires, just fulfill Nita's wants for a night.  Don't get me wrong, I love spending time with others, anyone who knows me knows that I am a people person & I relish being in a group of lively people.  But I've also found over the years that it is good to get some time away to recharge and love on me a little bit.  In 2011, I'm determined to love "me" a little bit better. 

So for my first "Nita Date, I had the joyful pleasure of witnessing The Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre perform. (Great first date, hunh? LOL)  I sat in awe for 2 hours as I witnessed grace meshed with passion as the dancers glided, stomped, raced, and piroutted across the stage. I was riveted to my seat as I saw powerful muscles propel bodies forward and upward while maintaining positions that were dainty and soft.  Grace and strength pervaded the theatre as each scene was meticulously performed.    For most of the 2 hours I was just awestruck at not only the talent that was showcased on the stage but the creativity of the choreographers who saw all of this in their mind before it was ever danced.  If this dance theatre comes near your city, I would highly recommend attending the performance, you won't be disappointed.

During the intermissions and prior to the show I also witnessed some heart warming relationships in the audience.  Two ladies who were sitting beside me were clearly long time best friends.  They were easily in their late 50's or early 60's.  Watching them interact was like witnessing my current best friends and me in our future.  If what we have is anything like what I saw tonight, we're gonna be having a blast for a long time!  I also saw a mother with her 2 year old daughter at the show.  She came in with her personal booster seat and strapped her daughter into one of the auditorium chairs.  The little girl stayed awake and attentive during the entire performance.  What an awesome thing to get an introduction to the arts on this level at such an early age!  #TeamNatural was in the house as well!  There were many women wearing their natural loose and locked hair in the place.  We gave each other knowing looks and smiles and exchanged compliments in the ladies room.

Tonight I wore a fro hawk created from a 3 day old twist out with the sides 2 strand flat twisted. Not bad for the first time doing 2 strand flat twists!  I thought it was pretty cute!


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