Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My First Braidout

This week I wanted to try a new hairstyle for my growing TWA.  I also wanted to try out some new products for definition with out stiffness.  So for my braids I used Curls Creme Brule' with some aloe vera gel (for light hold).

Here are my braids and day 1 results:

Day 1 Braid out
Day 1 Braidout
Day 2 braidout results with Design Essentials Defining Creme Gel (had a sample from a product swap - love those things)- gave me great definition, but a little bit more crunchy than I liked.

Day 2 Results with with Design Esentials Defining Creme Gel
Day 5 - Fro Hawk - Yay!  I can pull my sides back!  I was too lazy to re-braid my hair last night so this morning this style was created.  How you like my "mean - mug"?

Side view of the Fro Hawk

I really liked the results of the braid out and will probably continue to wear this style for a while.  I love the versatility of natural hair!  What do you guys think of my results?

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