Thursday, February 17, 2011

My Wash & Go

With this week's focus being on defining my curls, I decided to co-wash my hair earlier this week and do a wash and go.  I am not a fan of the wash & go set with Olive Oil Ecostyler gel so I decided to use a cream based styler and forgo the hold.  I chose the Curls Curl Creme Brule'.  I shingled my damp hair with the Creme Brule' and got the below results.  It defined my curls, my hair was soft, and smelled great all day!
I'll definately try this again.  By the way, I only made it through Wednesday with the wash and go.  I wanted a different look by day 3.  So be on the look out for my next style attempt with my growing TWA.

I also wanted to check my growth by looking at the difference between my TWA right after my BC to now.  Check out the slideshow below.  I'm growing!!!
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  1. Great definition. I've been debating on trying this line, but I want to wait until I use up my other products.

    I've used the Eco Styler myself, and I'm not a fan. I've read several blogs that say to use it in conjunction with an oil.

  2. I'm with you. I'm determined not to become a product junkie during this journey. LOL I also want to find a use for the huge container of Ecostyler gel that I have, just without making my hair crunchy. Thanks for commenting!


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