Monday, March 19, 2012

Protective Natural Hair Style - Textured Bun

As my hair gets longer, I try to alternate between "out" styles and protective styles.  Protective styling gives me & my hair a  break from daily styling and manipulation and contributes to length retention.  I am firm believer however that just because a style is protective does not mean it cannot be cute.  I work in a very conservative office environment and while I do push my style a little, I try to adhere to the "look" of the office.

Here is an easy and different take on the bun that I think is an excellent alternative to the traditional bun that I wore here..  For those of you who would like to see a video tutorial of this look check out one of the Youtube vloggers I follow for her step by step  (Skip to 3:34 in the video to see the style I recreated - even though all 4 styles are very nice!).


This was achieved from an old twistout using Entwine Coutoure's products. ( Be on the lookout for a review of their products is coming soon.)  I also like to create a bang so I left some of my bang out and created 4 large twists in the front.  Then I untwisted the twists in the morning and loosely twisted the ends together and bobby pinned at my ear to create this textured bang look.

So if your hair is not quite long enough for a true bun, try this faux or textured bun, especially as your hair style gets older.  I've also done this to stretch my hair after washing, conditioning and adding my leave in to stretch it in preparation BEFORE doing a twist/twistout set.  I just do large chunky twists after adding my leave in and sealing with Koils by Nature hair & body butter.  I add the styler the next day after my hair has been stretched in the bun which gives a more elongated twist out.

Let me know if you like it!

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