Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Flexirod/Straw Set on Natural Hair

My church had a Valentine's event in February and I used the occasion not only to get dressed up a little but also to try out a hairstyle that was cute but probably a little difficult to achieve on my own, the flexirod set.  So, I made an appointment with Taji to go in and get my hair done.

After washing and conditioning my hair I also had Taji to cut about a 1/4 inch of hair off all around.  I really needed a trim badly.  She then rolled my hair on the small green flexirods and off I went to the dryer for an hour and a nap.  (To me, naps under the dryer are great!!)

Here are the results a day later!

Here is the look 6 days later.
How I maintained the style:  I wore my satin bonnet every night.  My hair was sorta "helmet head" looking in the morning of course.  I would get a generous helping of coconut oil and rub between my hands to liquify.  Then I would pull my hair from the root to stretch the curls.  I didn't pull the ends of my hair because I didn't want to create frizz.  I used bobby pins to pin wayward curls in the direction that I wanted them to fall (i.e. the bang below)

I loved this style and will try it again!  I also want to try it again with larger rods when my hair gets longer!


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