Saturday, November 2, 2013

My Birthday Month - Day 2 - Adventures in Thrifting!

So for my day 2 celebration, I went thrift shopping with one of the ladies from work and some of her young family members.  Her young cousin just graduated from college & needed some outfits that would be appropriate for work so my help was enlisted to show them what little I know about thifting.  While they were shopping I scored 3 cool items.

This blazer that I plan to wear with some jeans or black slacks for a casual dinner out.  I already owned the tank that picked up that pink/lavender color.  Lesson 1:   Good to be aware of what pieces you already have in your closet when thrift shopping!

These corduroy pants.  Funny story.  I'm tall right?  So the pants are a little short and they were too big.  I try everything on when thrifting. While waiting for the dressing room an older lady walked up to me and said, "Those pants are nice."  I said, "Thanks!"  Then she looked at her friend and said "Am I larger than her?"  Her friend nodded affirmative.  Then the lady looks at me and says, "Do you think you can fit them?"  I said, "I sure hope so.  If not, I'll take the to the tailor and have them altered."  She replied, "Don't do that honey.  If they don't fit, just give the to me to try on, ok?"  I just smiled.  The pants have at least a 1.5 inch hem that I can have removed and I'm having the seat taken in a bit.  Sorry lady, but these pants are mine!!   Lesson 2:  When you get the clothes for a bargain, don't be afraid to invest in alterations to get that perfect fit!

This Tahari dress was a perfect fit!  I just love the detailing around the collar.  The only thing missing was the belt.  Guess what I had in my closet?  Yep, the perfect belt.   Lesson 3:  Don't let a missing piece or 2 keep you from getting a nice article of clothing.

The young college grads finished their shopping in our first location before we did and went to grab something to eat.  They said they would be back.  A little while later my coworked said she got a call that they weren't coming back.  One of the girls had spent too much money and didn't want to continue to ride around while her cousin shopped.  Lesson 3:  Establish your budget before you leave home.  It's great to get things at a discount but you still can't afford to go shopping if your bills aren't paid.  It's also a lesson learned that it's sometimes good to ride it alone.  Who wants to have their plans ruined by a person who rode with you that doesn't want to tag along anymore?

It was a fun day and it also encouraged me to finally clean out the last little section of my closet that I had started organizing earlier this year.  Woo hoo!

Squat challenge update:  Today's goal is 60 squats.  I broke this up into 3 parts.  I completed a set of 20 this morning and a set since I've been back from shopping.  I'll do my last set of 20 before bed.  Getting tight & right!

Ohhh & hats off to my UNC Tarheels for beating our in state Tobacco Road rivals, the NC State Wolfpack!

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