Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Marley Hair Faux Hawk Updo - Protective Style

I posted the above picture on Instagram last week.  I was at my godsister's high school graduation and it was extremely hot that day.  I knew if I wore a loose hairstyle, the heat & humidity would cause it to swell, poof, & frizz on a special day where I wanted my hair to be a little more predictable finishing than documenting.  LOL!  The tip that I will give you is to watch the beginning where daneteb shows how she tucks & pins her hair and focus on the technique not necessarily the exact placement of her Marley hair.  I knew I had to wear an updo.  I searched Youtube to find a tutorial and found the one below.  It was my intention to recreate the style and do a step by step tutorial but between time & effort to create the style, I became more focused on finishing the style.

Here are some other shots of the style.  I used a pack and a half of Marley hair to create this style and I wore it for a week.

I loved it so much that I think I'll recreate this again for another event that I'm going to later this summer! Let me know what you think of my version of the style?  Is it pretty close?  

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