Monday, November 28, 2011

Natural Hair Wig Review - Drew by Beshe

Yes, that's me!

It's time for a series of reviews!!!  And this review is a wig review!

Here are the basics.

Wig Name :  LW Drew by Beshe
From Where:
Price:  31.99 + 6.98 shipping = 38.97
Color:  1B
Shipping:  EXCELLENT! I ordered on a Friday, received confirmation that it was shipped on Friday and it was delivered Monday!  


First thing, this is A LOT OF HAIR.  If you are not comfortable with big hair, then don't get this wig. In fact, I believe she got bigger over the week I wore her.  No lie.  OK, now that I've mentioned that, let me tell you what I love about this wig.  I love that she has several textures.  I have 3 textures in my hair and this wig has about the same.  It contributes to the realness of the look. The lace on the front blended very well with my skin tone.  I didn't really need to add make up to the lace to blend it with my skin.  I have a regular sized head, not too big and not too small.  She fit very snug.  The ear tabs came down directly on my ears and was virtually a perfect fit.  The wig comes with combs but I didn't use them.  I did pin it with 2 bobby pins but really that was only as an additional precaution.....I whipped my head back and forth with Willow Smith and this wig didn't move an inch...LOL.  I received a lot of compliments when I wore her.

The negatives about the wig.  It is a lot of hair, which took some getting used to.  We're having an interesting fall in NC so it was hot to wear the week I wore it.  We're still fluctuating between the 70's and 60's here.  The lace is a little scratchy around the front.  I really can't complain a whole lot about it since I paid less than $35 for the wig but I still wanted to mention it.  There isn't much parting room on the wig which makes it a little difficult to do a side or front part, however, with some alterations to the hairline (I plucked some hairs out to make it not look so even & more realistic) I made it work. Overall, I would give this wig an 8 out 10.  I may experiment with a few more wigs during the rest of the fall and winter.  Look for more wig reviews!

Let me know what you think!


  1. I think this looks great on you! The pic on the tag does not do this wig justice at all. Yes Drew is ALOT of hair lol. It gives an idea of what your hair could look like as it grows. Can't wait to see what other ones you choose.

  2. Thanks so much! And no, the pic does not do this wig justice. Even after watching numerous Youtube videos I was still surprised at how full it was! I'll probably get at least 2 more wigs this winter. Excited!

  3. This is adorable--you're making me want to try wigs this winter!

  4. This looks great. Does look different from the picture. Did you cut it at all?

    1. No, I didn't cut it. But I think I may have bangs cut into it for the next time I wear it.


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