Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Bracey's Transition to Natural

Some of my friends have taken the natural hair plunge along with me.  Each have had their own journey.  One of my friends, Bracey, has been wearing weaves for 13 years, of which I've known her 3.  Of the 3 years I've known her, I've only seen "her" hair once for a week.  Her intent at the time was not necessarily to go natural but she just enjoyed the styling options that weaves gave her as well as the thickness of it. She would get her weave maintained every 2 to 3 weeks and reinstalled every 3 months.   Another convenience was that due to her 5 day a week gym routine, she didn't have to sacrifice her health because of concerns of messing up her hair.  I and several others have been "gently" encouraging her to let go of her weave even temporarily to see what was beneath.  We even joked, YOUR hair is probably as long as the weave you're paying to get sewn in! She finally said she would give it 2 weeks.  I am happy to report she has been weave free for 2 months!  Because of the versatility of natural hair, her choice is to wear is straight styled. She is interested, however in learning how to style her hair in a curly state for a change from time to time.  I'll be glad to help her with that as well!  Once we successfully get it accomplished, I'll be sure to come back with pictures!  Check out her transformation in the video below.

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Note:  Please note I am not anti- weave as I sometimes add hair to add fullness to my own natural hair.  However, this was a huge change for my friend & I wanted to celebrate that.  

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